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Aluminium Extrusion

Foshan WJW Custom Aluminum Extrusion Profile Manufacturers become a collection of aluminum design, research and development, production, and sales as a comprehensive enterprise. Our mainly architectural aluminum products are categorized in five species, which are: aluminum extrusion, aluminum glass curtain wall, aluminum door and window, aluminium shutters&louvers, aluminum balustrades and facade aluminum panels. All doors and windows have high-precision 6063-15 or T6 aluminum alloy architectural profiles.The whole production process is controlled according to as2047 door and window standards to ensure that each product meets the standards.

WJW Aluminum technical staff is available 24/7 for support and fast response, giving full advice on your products and sharing engineering knowledge. Whether you order or not, we’re always here to support your business. Our aluminum doors and aluminum windows can be used in both residential and commercial applications. This allows you to choose which will best suit your project. Our window and door specialists can help make these custom windows a part of your next projects.  

Ib yam uas ua rau aluminium curtain phab ntsa extrusion sawv tawm yog lawv cov xim zoo nkauj xaiv. Yuav luag txhua lub tuam txhab muab cov kev xaiv ntawm customizing xim raws li koj nyiam thiab xav tau. Hom kev ua tiav siv rau aluminium curtain phab ntsa extrusion yuav ua rau nws cov xim kawg
WJW Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturers rau qhov rais thiab qhov rooj yog ua los ntawm Aluminium 6063 Alloy Number, nws yog cov feem ntau alloy tooj rau ua txhuas qhov rais thiab qhov rooj profiles.
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Product Features And Advantages
Unique Wjw System Door And Window Design
The multi-functional profile design can be applied to a variety of different window types, and can be used in various cold and hot weather environments. In addition, the unique system door and window ventilation system makes the whole door and window meet the requirements of 75% building energy conservation, ensuring the performance of doors and windows to the maximum extent and meeting people's needs.
Very Convenient For Installation And Disassembly
When a part of the decoration such as external doors and windows is damaged, whether it can be disassembled and replaced flexibly and conveniently is directly related to factors such as whether the function of external maintenance can be maintained and whether the structure can be affected. Therefore, our company requires that the doors and windows must be replaceable in the structural design, and the disassembly and assembly must be convenient, and the normal use of the external maintenance system cannot be affected.
Australian Standard
The whole production process is controlled according to as2047 door and window standards to ensure that each product meets the standards; The whole series of key hardware parts are all imported from Australia, which fully meet the Australian standard certification of "pollution-free" environmental protection spraying.
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Foshan WJW Aluminium Manufacturers yog ib tug ua Aluminium Extrusion Profile tsum ntawm zoo Aluminium Extrusion Profile. Peb lub tuam txhab tau tshwj xeeb hauv kev tsim khoom ntawm Aluminium Extrusion Profile khoom rau ntau xyoo, thiab peb muaj ntau yam ntawm Aluminium Extrusion Profile muaj nyob rau hauv raws li koj xav tau. Peb muab ntau yam ntawm Aluminium Extrusion Profile cov khoom, nrog rau kev lag luam Aluminium Extrusion Profile, txhuas kav, txhuas rods, thiab lwm yam. Peb cov khoom yog tsim los ntawm high-zoo 6063-15 los yog T6 aluminium alloy profiles, uas paub txog lawv zoo heev zog, durability, thiab corrosion kuj. Peb kuj ua raws li AS2047 qhov rooj thiab qhov rais qauv kom ntseeg tau tias zoo ib yam thoob plaws peb cov khoom.

Ntawm WJW Txhuas Txhuas Txhuas Extrusion Profile Suppliers, peb muaj kev mob siab rau cov neeg ua haujlwm uas muaj 24/7 los muab kev txhawb nqa thiab kev qhia tswv yim rau peb cov neeg siv khoom. Peb nkag siab qhov tseem ceeb ntawm kev muaj cov khoom tsim nyog rau koj qhov project, thiab peb ib txwm zoo siab los pab koj xaiv qhov zoo tshaj plaws aluminium extrusion rau koj cov kev xav tau. Txawm hais tias koj xav tau aluminium extrusion rau vaj tse lossis kev lag luam, peb muaj kev txawj ntse thiab kev paub dhau los los muab koj cov khoom zoo tshaj plaws.

Raws li tus thawj coj Aluminium Extrusion Profile Suppliers, peb txaus siab rau peb txoj kev cog lus rau kev ua tau zoo, kev pabcuam neeg siv khoom, thiab kev tsim kho tshiab. Peb ib txwm nrhiav txoj hauv kev tshiab thiab tshiab los txhim kho peb cov khoom thiab cov kev pabcuam kom zoo dua rau peb cov neeg siv khoom. Yog li, yog tias koj tab tom nrhiav rau tus neeg muag khoom txhim khu kev qha thiab kev ntseeg siab ntawm cov khoom zoo aluminium extrusion, saib tsis muaj ntxiv tshaj Foshan WJW Aluminium Manufacturers.
Raws li cov khoom siv aluminium extrusion. Peb lub qhov rooj thiab qhov rais aluminium yog tsim los tiv thaiv huab cua huab cua
Aluminium extrusion lwm tus neeg cov khoom yog tsim los muab superior rwb thaiv tsev, txuag koj nyiaj ntawm cov cua sov thiab cua txias
Aluminium yog cov khoom siv tu qis, txhais tau tias koj yuav tsis tas siv sijhawm thiab nyiaj txiag rau kev tu
Peb lub qhov rooj thiab qhov rais aluminium tuaj nyob rau hauv ntau hom thiab xim, tso cai rau koj kom yooj yim nrhiav tau lub zoo meej haum rau koj lub tsev los yog chaw ua hauj lwm
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Dab tsi yog kev cai aluminium extrusion?
Kev cai txhuas extrusion yog txheej txheem ntawm kev tsim cov duab tshwj xeeb thiab ntev ntawm cov khoom siv txhuas raws li tus neeg siv khoom tsim lossis yuav tsum tau ua. Qhov no yog ua tiav los ntawm kev ua kom sov ntawm aluminium extrusion billet thiab yuam nws los ntawm kev tuag lossis pwm los tsim cov duab uas xav tau.
Dab tsi yog qhov zoo ntawm kev siv kev cai txhuas extrusion profiles?
Qhov zoo ntawm kev siv cov kev cai txhuas extrusion profiles suav nrog kev muaj peev xwm tsim cov duab tshwj xeeb thiab nyuaj, lub teeb yuag thiab cov khoom siv muaj zog, zoo heev corrosion kuj, thiab siab thermal conductivity. Tsis tas li ntawd, cov profiles no tuaj yeem tsim nyob rau hauv cov ntim siab ntawm tus nqi qis, ua rau lawv zoo tagnrho rau kev siv ntau lawm.
Dab tsi ntawm daim ntawv thov yog kev cai txhuas extrusion profiles siv rau?
Kev cai txhuas extrusion profiles tuaj yeem siv rau ntau yam kev siv, suav nrog kev tsim kho, kev thauj mus los, aerospace, electronics, industrial machinery, thiab cov khoom siv. Lawv feem ntau yog siv los tsim thav duab, enclosures, panels, railings, thiab lwm yam khoom siv.
Dab tsi yog qhov muaj tiav rau kev cai aluminium extrusion profiles?
Cov muaj tiav rau kev cai txhuas extrusion profiles muaj xws li anodizing, hmoov txheej, painting, thiab polishing. Cov kev ua tiav no tuaj yeem txhim kho qhov zoo li, durability, thiab kev ua tau zoo ntawm aluminium profile, muab kev ua tiav zoo
Lub sij hawm txhuas txhuas rau kev cai txhuas extrusion profiles yog dab tsi?
Lub sij hawm txhuas txhuas rau kev cai txhuas extrusion profiles txawv nyob ntawm qhov nyuaj ntawm kev tsim, kev txiav txim kom muaj nuj nqis, thiab muaj cov khoom siv raw. Feem ntau, lub sij hawm txhuas tuaj yeem nyob ntawm ob peb lub lis piam mus rau ob peb lub hlis. Txawm li cas los xij, qee lub tuam txhab aluminium extrusion tuaj yeem muab cov kev pabcuam nrawm kom txo tau lub sijhawm txhuas
Dab tsi yog aluminium extrusion khoom?
Aluminium extrusion tsum yog ib lub tuam txhab tshwj xeeb hauv kev tsim thiab muab txhuas extrusion profiles thiab cov khoom muaj feem xyuam rau kev lag luam thiab cov neeg siv khoom. Cov neeg muag khoom no feem ntau muab ntau qhov ntau thiab tsawg, cov duab, thiab ua tiav kom tau raws li cov neeg siv khoom tshwj xeeb
Dab tsi yog cov txiaj ntsig ntawm kev siv aluminium extrusion khoom?
Cov txiaj ntsig ntawm kev siv cov khoom siv txhuas extrusion suav nrog kev nkag mus rau ntau yam khoom zoo aluminium extrusion, txo cov nqi tsim khoom, thiab sijhawm ntau lawm. Tsis tas li ntawd, cov neeg muag khoom tuaj yeem pab cov neeg siv khoom nrog kev txhawb nqa, tsim qauv, thiab tsim cov khoom lag luam customized
Dab tsi yog qhov txawv ntawm tus qauv thiab kev cai txhuas extrusion?
Cov txheej txheem txhuas extrusion yog ua ntej tsim profiles uas tau yooj yim muaj nyob rau hauv ntau qhov ntau thiab tsawg, duab, thiab tiav. Kev cai aluminium extrusion yog tsim raws li tus neeg siv khoom tsim tshwj xeeb thiab yuav koom nrog cov duab nyuaj, tshwj xeeb tiav, thiab lwm yam tshwj xeeb.
Kuv yuav xaiv qhov zoo aluminium extrusion tsum?
Txoj cai aluminium extrusion tus neeg muag khoom yuav tsum muaj cov ntaub ntawv teev tseg ntawm kev ua tau zoo thiab kev pabcuam rau cov neeg siv khoom, ntau yam khoom thiab kev muaj peev xwm, tus nqi sib tw, thiab lub sijhawm ua haujlwm ceev. Tsis tas li ntawd, lawv yuav tsum txaus siab ua haujlwm koom tes nrog cov neeg siv khoom kom nkag siab txog lawv cov kev xav tau thiab muab cov kev daws teeb meem rau tus kheej
Xov xwm tshiab
Nov yog cov xov xwm tshiab txog peb aluminium extrusion lwm tus neeg thiab chaw tsim khoom . Nyeem cov ntawv no kom tau txais cov ntaub ntawv ntau ntxiv txog cov khoom lag luam thiab kev lag luam thiab yog li tau txais kev tshoov siab rau koj qhov project.
Kev cai txhuas extrusion profiles yog tsim los ntawm kev noj cov khoom nyoos ntawm txhuas thiab shaping rau hauv ib qho profile tshwj xeeb. Cov txheej txheem no suav nrog cua sov cov txhuas thiab yuam nws los ntawm kev tuag los tsim cov duab uas xav tau. Qhov kawg tshwm sim yog kev cai extrusion uas tuaj yeem txiav mus rau txhua qhov ntev uas xav tau rau qhov project.
2023 04 19
Aluminium yog lub npe hu rau nws lub zog thiab durability, ua rau nws zoo tagnrho rau siv nyob rau hauv kev tsim kho ntawm high-sawv vaj tse thiab lwm yam loj qauv.
2023 03 20
Yog tias koj tab tom tsim kho lossis kho cov khoom lag luam lossis kev lag luam, cladding yog qhov tseem ceeb rau kev txiav txim siab
2023 03 20
Tsis muaj ntaub ntawv
Characteristics Of WJW System Doors And Windows
 Whole Window
WJW Aluminum system doors and windows adopt mortise and tenon structure + cutting-edge stainless steel flat steel sheet angle forming technology to make the sealing and firmness of doors and windows more stable. PVB laminated glass and hollow glass are selected to effectively improve the performance of thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction. Scientific drip line structure + mature drainage design in European and American countries can prevent water infiltration from details or timely drain water, so that the watertightness of doors and windows can be better improved. The multi-channel sealing structure improves the sealing performance of doors and windows while keeping quiet. Optional 304 stainless steel gauze, nano dust-free gauze, safety protection, easy disassembly. Standard configuration of full 2.0mm wall thickness profile, strength witness wind resistance and crazy resistance wind, safety is guaranteed. The unit structure is easy to assemble, disassemble and maintain without damaging the wall.

Aluminum door windows offer excellent levels of security, weather resistance, and thermal insulation. Aluminum doors and aluminum windows are innovative and manufactured to the highest quality. With a wide range of styles and designs, these windows are ideal for both traditional and contemporary builds. Additional options are also available, such as colors, custom shapes, and specialty grills. Aluminum doors and aluminum windows are versatile and durable. There are many benefits to the aluminum door and window manufacturing. Aluminum is a strong, lightweight metal that is highly resistant to corrosion. It is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, making it ideal for use in doors and windows. 

Aluminium Extrusion
All doors and windows of WJW system adopt high-precision 6063-T5 or T6 aluminum alloy building profiles. The surface treatment of profiles adopts fluorocarbon spraying or powder spraying, and the best weather resistance is up to 20 years. The rich color library can meet different personalized color customization needs.

WJW doors and windows system adopt on-line or off-line Low-E (low radiation coated glass) float glass, which is deeply processed from the original piece of well-known brands, with excellent sound insulation and heat insulation performance.

Famous brand silicone structural sealant or building sealant shall be used. Mineral oil and harmful plasticizer shall not be added to the building sealant.

Feel Free To Contact Us
If you have any questions about our Aluminum Profiles or Aluminum Extrusion products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.
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