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We Speak With Strength

Our advanced aluminum production equipment, experience ,professional knowledge can provide qualify aluminum extrusion products with reasonable price at any time.
Excellent Equipment
Meet customer mass customization requirements Plant area of 50000 square meters, with sets of sophisticated deep processing equipment, to provide from aluminum mold opening to deep processing integration services.
With more than ten years of processing experience WJW has 20 years experience processing experience strong technical team can meet the different needs of the industry.
Strict Inspection
Control product quality from details During mass production, 10% of raw materials will be randomly inspected. After the first piece is processed, quality inspection will immediately make a comprehensive measurement of the products, and the products will reach the standard before being shipped out of the warehouse.
Control product quality from details WJW 3 strictly controls the processing of customized products, with CNC machining accuracy up to +0.01mm, aluminum extrusion section up to φ700mm, extrusion 30m long.

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Non-standard aluminum alloy parts customization

WJW is a reliable manufacturer of aluminium extrusions with over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of custom aluminium extrusions and extrusion tools used in the production of aluminium extrusions. Our advanced extruding machines, experience and expertise team are ready to offer you quality aluminium extruding products at reasonable prices. Integrated with our extruded aluminium profiles, aluminium rods, square aluminium bars, rectangular aluminium bars, aluminium tubes, and aluminium sheets, we are a specialized factory that you can rely on for all of your custom aluminium extrusion, aluminium machining, aluminium fabrication, surface finishing needs. When you have a design in progress, we can help bring it into reality.

Non-Standard Customization Is In Accordance With The Drawings Or Samples Provided By Customers.

Mold making

Material extrusion

 Deep processing (sawing, drilling, milling groove, etc.)

Oxidation, spraying and other surface treatment to produce qualified products by customer requirements.

More than 20 years of experience in aluminum profile processing
Start customizing for your aluminum profile project right now
Look at our factory equipment strength
Fabricated aluminium products and machining aluminium products are used widely in many industries, like lighting, furniture, architecture, marine, sporting equipment, industrial equipment, electronics and more.
Aluminium fabrication is the process of creating aluminium parts through cutting, bending and shaping. In wide industries, aluminium fabrication can make various parts and structures for machinery, products, and artwork. 
Over the years, the company has been adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, quality first, the pursuit of perfection" purpose for better management and innovation. 
Mold Workshop
It is worth noting that aluminum profile die is required for extrusion. This industrial aluminum profile extrusion die is made of H13 steel, and the die can only be used after nitriding. Generally, a set of molds is composed of a positive mold, a mold pad and a mold sleeve. The positive mold is composed of working belt, empty cutter, deflector and other parts, each of which has its own role. WJW's specialized mold opening workshop has professional CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, and advanced high-precision processing equipment such as slow wire feeding processing. In order to extrude ultra-high precision products, it is required that the manufacturing accuracy of the die should reach 0.01mm, so that the tolerance of extruded aluminum products should reach ± 0.05mm.
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Aluminum Extrusion Production Line
A high-end aluminum profile extrusion line represents the ability of this aluminum profile production enterprise. Good equipment can not only improve production efficiency, but also improve product quality. The extrusion method of aluminum profile extruders can not only produce tubes, bars and profiles with simple section shapes, but also produce profiles with complex sections and shapes, such as profiles with gradually changing sections, shapes and complex profiles or hollow profiles. It is very difficult to produce such profiles by rolling or other processing methods, However, it is very easy to use a complete production line such as aluminum profile extrusion machine and its auxiliary equipment, and the precision is very high, and the quality is completely in line with the standard. With the improvement of the extrusion process of the extruder, it is now possible to produce a wall thickness of (0.3 ~ 0.4) ± 0.10 mm and a surface roughness of Ra0.8 ~ 1.8 μ M high-precision aluminum alloy profiles, which is far beyond the reach of other processing equipment. The use of aluminum profile extruders not only greatly reduces the total workload and simplifies the subsequent processes, but also improves the comprehensive utilization rate and yield of metal materials.
Full Automatic Vertical Aluminum Profile Spraying Production Line
With the growing popularity of door and window customization, and the increase of customer groups, there is a higher demand for personalized doors and windows. Many colors are one of them. In recent years, the national and social requirements for environmental protection have become higher and higher, and the policy guidance has gradually restricted and reduced the production process of high energy consumption and high pollution. WJW's fully automatic vertical aluminum profile spraying production line, fast color change and powder spraying room, can achieve a variety of color change spraying, which is difficult to achieve by anodic oxidation and electrophoretic coating. In addition, powder spraying has obvious advantages in environmental protection. The powder coating contains no solvent, VOC emissions are almost zero, and the environmental protection pressure is low.
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In-depth Fabrication of Aluminum Extrusion, Aluminum Profiles
Machining is a part of aluminium fabrication, it plays an important part in most aluminium extrusion component work by removing material from the parent workpiece. Machining service includes cutting, drilling, milling, countersinking, knurling, counterboring, threading, reaming, laser cutting, etc. Aluminium fabrication and machining operation can be done of machines such as CNC milling machine, CNC turning machine, drill, tapping machine, punches or presses, laser cutting machine, laser marking, plasma cutting, and welding machine, CNC bending machine, etc.

Which Alloy Work Best for Aluminium Fabrication?

If your project is made of extruded aluminium, 6063 6060 6061 6082 will be the best material for fabrication. The most popular alloy is 6061, which can be found in nearly all kinds of industries, from aerospace and automotive to packaging and communications.
If you’re looking for high weldability, choose an aluminum alloy in the 5XXX or 6XXX series. 2XXX and 7XXX alloys are not considered weldable.
In most cases, aluminum alloy 3003 is probably the best alloy for bending, then comes alloy 5052 right behind, and 5052 is with better formability than 3003.
Customize Product Surface Treatment
Aluminum turns black when exposed to air for a long time and reacts with other elements. Surface treatment products have corrosion resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance, decorative appearance, long service life and other characteristics. Commonly used surface treatment processes are anodic oxidation, wire drawing sandblasting oxidation, electrolytic coloring, electrophoresis, wood grain transfer printing, spraying (powder spraying) dyeing, etc. Colours can be customized on request.
WJW ALUMINIUM produces powder-coating aluminum extrusion profiles. We provide you with a wide range of RAL colors, PANTONE colors, and custom colors. Powder-coating finish textures can be smooth, sandy, and metallic. Powder coating gloss can be bright, satin, and matt. WJW ALUMINIUM provides a powder coating service for aluminum extrusions, machined aluminum components, and fabricated aluminum parts.

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Cooperation process

We hope to cooperate with you and grow together

Make comprehensive evaluation of products according to customers' drawings and samples
Engineers from mold design to surface treatment, in order to meet the premise of profile assembly to give reasonable and perfect modification suggestions
According to the requirements of the communication between the two parties, draw and make cost accounting, give a formal written quotation within 24 hours
If the quotation is reasonable, the two sides sign a mold opening agreement, our factory will create customer service group
Provide qualified sample for customer assembly as required
If the sample is correct after customer assembly confirmation, we can formally place an order for production
Wechat service group is composed by sales, technician and merchandiser to send production progress every day
If there is any problem after cargo delivery, 24 hours is ready to reply and give solutions
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Warehousing and Logistics
The transportation department assists you with all your warehousing and logistics challenges.

WJW has strategic warehouses in China. With over 3,000,000 square feet of usable space, it enables us to store over 3,000 items while reserving ample space for client property.

We understand that many customers do not have enough space to store their inventory. This is one of the reasons our factory “Just-in-time” plans for our customers. We can work with you to develop a warehousing plan to meet your company's needs.
supply chain management

Consistent on-time delivery throughout our supply chain management process is critical to the success of our business. Our warehouse department ensures that your products are properly stored prior to delivery. Minimizing supply chain bottlenecks between customers and businesses by delivering aluminum directly from our own distribution centers and company locations, making us the experts that matter most to you - on-time delivery.

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