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Our advanced aluminum production equipment, experience ,professional knowledge can provide qualify aluminum extrusion products with reasonable price at any time.
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Non-standard aluminum alloy parts customization

WJW is a reliable manufacturer of aluminium extrusions with over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of custom aluminium extrusions and extrusion tools used in the production of aluminium extrusions. Our advanced extruding machines, experience and expertise team are ready to offer you quality aluminium extruding products at reasonable prices.

Non-Standard Customization Is In Accordance With The Drawings Or Samples Provided By Customers

Mold making

Material extrusion

 Deep processing (sawing, drilling, milling groove, etc.)

Oxidation, spraying and other surface treatment to produce qualified products by customer requirements.

Open mould

Profile extrusion die is a model of material with a specific shape and size through the action of extrusion.

The size of the mold is determined by the shape and size of the material. The material of the extrusion mold is domestic H13 and imported mold SKD61. The reasonable design of the mold structure is determined by the yield of the extrusion material.
Material extrusion

Extrusion is a process by which the aluminum bar is heated through the mold extrusion molding, and the aluminum bar is formed by the aluminum ingot after melting and casting, known as aluminum material, and raw materials will directly affect the performance of industrial aluminum profile products.

Deep Processing Of Products
Deep processing is the process of material sawing, punching, drilling, milling groove, tapping, bending, bending and other processes into specific size and shape products through processing equipment.
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Product surface treatment
Aluminum turns black when exposed to air for a long time and reacts with other elements. Surface treatment products have corrosion resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance, decorative appearance, long service life and other characteristics. Commonly used surface treatment processes are anodic oxidation, wire drawing sandblasting oxidation, electrolytic coloring, electrophoresis, wood grain transfer printing, spraying (powder spraying) dyeing, etc. Colours can be customized on request.
Wood Grain
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Doors and Windows aluminum profiles, aluminum alloy doors and windows finished products, curtain wall system, you want, all in here!

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Warehousing and Logistics
The transportation department assists you with all your warehousing and logistics challenges.

WJW has strategic warehouses in China. With over 3,000,000 square feet of usable space, it enables us to store over 3,000 items while reserving ample space for client property.

We understand that many customers do not have enough space to store their inventory. This is one of the reasons our factory “Just-in-time” plans for our customers. We can work with you to develop a warehousing plan to meet your company's needs.
supply chain management

Consistent on-time delivery throughout our supply chain management process is critical to the success of our business. Our warehouse department ensures that your products are properly stored prior to delivery. Minimizing supply chain bottlenecks between customers and businesses by delivering aluminum directly from our own distribution centers and company locations, making us the experts that matter most to you - on-time delivery.

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Doors and Windows aluminum profiles, aluminum alloy doors and windows finished products, curtain wall system, you want, all in here! Our company engaged in doors and Windows aluminum research and development and manufacturing for 20 years.
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