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What Are the Minimum and Maximum Sizes for Windows?

What Are the Minimum and Maximum Sizes for Windows?

Windows are an essential part of one's household. Without it, the outlook of your house tends to appear very shabby and dull. That being the case, it is essential to install windows according to the suitable size of the designated wall. 

It connects the inner walls to the outdoor environment. Therefore, the windows must be opened in a way that draws sunlight. Even though the windows place a crucial role in maintaining the outlook of the house, they can be adversely affected if some of the critical factors of the windows are ignored.


What Are the Minimum and Maximum Size of a Window

You might be aware that the benefits of windows vary depending upon the location, size, or type of windows used. With that being said, multiple factors affect the maximum and minimum size of the windows. The factors are explained as follows:


Glazing is the core process of installing windows. It is affected by your window's orientation, climate, and location. If you want to have a maximum size of the window, then use double glazing instead of triple gazing. 

The triple glazing is way heavier and consumes a lot of space. So, for the maximum sizes of windows, use reduced glazing. However, if you want a minimum size, use triple glazing, as it’s the best option.

The Material of the Frames

The material of the frame plays a crucial role in holding the glass in the right place. In case the measurement of the frame is miscalculated, the glass won’t be able to fit. After the size of the frame comes the material. Many of us tend to ignore the material of the frame. However, it can affect the durability and longevity of the frame.

Experts state that aluminum frames tend to be 2.5 times way stronger than PVCu frames. The aluminum frame's sturdiness allows it to hold large window panes having thin frames.


The probability of the maximum size window changes with the window's functionality. The maximum size of a fixed window will be greater than an opening window. It is due to the weight distribution of the sash. The sash needs to be supported by the window hinges. 

On the contrary, the fixed window won’t require the sash to be supported by the hinges. 

The System of the Sizes 

Every manufacturing company has its own maximum and minimum sizes. So, before installing the preferred size of the window, you need to contact the team to discuss the size requirements.

What Are the Minimum and Maximum Sizes for Windows? 1


How to find the minimum and maximum sizes of window

The maximum and minimum size of the window can depend upon the location, direction of the wind, ventilation, and light of the window. Some people might want maximum window panes, but they might not be fitted in the house. That being the case, you can choose the window size according to the height, requirement, etc.

Size for Single/ double hung windows

The single/double-hung windows are used for the porches, walkways, and patios. They’ve become fairly popular in the modern era as they easily slide up. The window's maximum size should be 36 x 84 inches (width x height). In comparison, the minimum size can be 24 x 36 inches (width x height).

Sliding window size

The sliding window opens by sliding half of the windows on the track of the frame. One side of the sliding window is fixed, while the other is an operable sash. The window's minimum size can be 36 x 24 (width x height), whereas the maximum size can be 84 x 60 (width x height).

Casement Window Size

These are the type of windows you can open inward and outward along the axis. It is a movable window that either uses metal or wood as its frame.

Most casement windows' maximum size is 24 x 84 inches (width x height) and the minimum size is 12 x 24 (width x height).

Sash Window Size

The sash window is an old creation of windows from the 17th century. In addition, to being an essential part of traditional architecture, it provides ample airflow. The window's maximum size is 84 x 60 (width x height), and the minimum size is 36 x 24 (width x height).


Where to Purchase Maximum and Minimum Sizes of Windows

Choosing the right size of the windows is easier than where to purchase them. If you want to purchase from a high-quality aluminum windows manufacturer, then WJW Aluminum is the perfect option for you.

They've been producing aluminum doors, windows, etc., for years as the best aluminum windows manufacturers try their best to produce durable and reliable aluminum windows.

They have produced casement and sliding windows in various sizes. Their windows have automatic winders and cam handles that can be connected to the CBUS system or your smart home. So, whenever you're looking for a top-tier aluminum doors and windows manufacturer, choose Wang Jia Wang Aluminum, as they are the perfect option.


Benefits of Minimum and Maximum Sizes of Windows

These are the top benefits you'll receive by implying the maximum and minimum size of the window.

  • It will suit the theme of your house as it will be designed according to the size of the wall.
  • It will provide the right amount of ventilation and light to the house.
  • It will occupy space depending upon the size you choose.
  • The style of the window will be according to your preference.



Finding the right brand to produce aluminum doors and windows is challenging. However, if you want to purchase from a trustworthy yet high-quality brand, you should try Wang Jia Wang Aluminum. 

They are no wonder called the best aluminum doors and windows manufacturers. You can use these innovative and high-quality aluminum windows to install in your house. So, don’t forget to upgrade your house with these top-class aluminum doors and windows; I know you'll thank me later. 

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