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Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors for Timeless Sophistication 1 1
Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors for Timeless Sophistication 1 2
Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors for Timeless Sophistication 1 3
Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors for Timeless Sophistication 1 4
Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors for Timeless Sophistication 1 5
Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors for Timeless Sophistication 1 1
Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors for Timeless Sophistication 1 2
Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors for Timeless Sophistication 1 3
Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors for Timeless Sophistication 1 4
Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors for Timeless Sophistication 1 5

Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors for Timeless Sophistication 1

Aluminum-clad wood doors seamlessly blend the timeless elegance of wood with the durability and low-maintenance benefits of aluminum. These high-quality doors feature a wooden interior for warmth and aesthetics, offering a rich and inviting ambiance. The exterior is clad in durable aluminum, providing excellent protection against the elements, ensuring longevity and minimal upkeep. This fusion of materials creates a door that is not only visually appealing but also structurally robust. Aluminum-clad wood doors are a popular choice for those seeking the beauty of wood coupled with the resilience of aluminum, making them ideal for upscale residential and commercial spaces.


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    Aesthetic Appeal: 

    The wood interior provides a warm and inviting aesthetic, contributing to a timeless and classic look.


    The exterior aluminum cladding adds durability and protects the door from weather elements, ensuring a longer lifespan.

    Weather Resistance: 

    Aluminum cladding provides excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions, preventing issues such as warping, cracking, or fading.

    Energy Efficiency: 

    Wood's natural insulation properties, combined with the protective aluminum cladding, enhances energy efficiency by helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

    Low Maintenance: 

    The aluminum cladding reduces the maintenance requirements, as it is resistant to rot, corrosion, and other issues commonly associated with wood exposure to the elements.

    Customization Options: 

    These doors often come with a variety of design options, including different wood species, finishes, hardware, and glass choices, allowing for customization to suit specific preferences.

    Sound Insulation: 

    Wood's natural density provides good sound insulation, contributing to a quieter indoor environment.


    Security Features:

    Aluminum-clad wood doors can be equipped with high-quality locking systems and hardware for enhanced security.


    The use of responsibly sourced wood and aluminum contributes to the sustainability of the product, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.


    Aluminum-clad wood doors are versatile and can be used in various architectural styles, from traditional to modern, making them suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

    Resistance to Pests: 

    The aluminum cladding helps protect the wood from pests such as termites, contributing to the door's longevity.

    Seamless Integration: 

    These doors seamlessly integrate into different architectural designs, providing a cohesive and harmonious appearance.

    Long-Term Investment: 

    Considered a long-term investment due to the combination of wood's timeless beauty and aluminum's durability, which can add value to a property.


    UV Resistance: 

    The aluminum cladding protects the wood from UV rays, preventing discoloration and maintaining the door's original appearance over time.

    Fire Resistance: 

    Some aluminum-clad wood doors can be treated to improve their fire resistance, enhancing safety features.

    Key attributes

    Warranty NONE
    After-sale Service Online technical support
    Project Solution Capability graphic design, 3D model design
    Application Hotel, House, Apartment
    Design StyleModern

    Other attributes

    Place of Origin Guangdong, China
    Brand Name WJW
    Position High-end residences, gardens, shops, offices
    Surface finish Paint coating
    Trade Term EXW FOB CIF
    Payment terms 30%-50% deposit
    Delivery time 15-20days
    Feature Design and customize
    Size Free design accpeted

    Packaging and delivery

    Packaging Details Glass, aluminum, wood, accessories
    Port Guangzhou or Foshan

    Lead time

    Quantity (meters) 1-100 >100
    Lead time (days) 20 To be negotiated

    Siberian pine wood is considered durable and resistant to decay, it has good insulation properties, both thermally and acoustically, the natural resins in Siberian pine wood provide protection against decay and rot.

    We use aviation grade aluminum profiles, which have corrosion resistance and anodizing capability, and its reliability and stability are in line with aviation standards.

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    The door lock adopts the overall lock scheme, which is in line with your operating habits.

    Low threshold design, barrier-free threshold, easy to pass.


    The driven fan is opened with a coupling wrench, and the operation is very convenient.

    Colorful wood coating, solid color durable environmental protection.

    The enduring reliability of wood delivers robust energy efficiency, coupled with a cozy and distinctive ambiance within your home. Complemented by a resilient aluminum exterior, it ensures superior weather resistance, safeguarding the wooden structure. This translates to minimal maintenance and eliminates the need for frequent repainting on your part. Each facet is individually tailorable, providing a personalized solution to your requirements with an array of colors, stains, and finishes.

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    Packing & Delivery

    To protect the goods, we pack the goods at least three layers. The first layer is film, the second is carton or woven bag, the third is carton or plywood case. Glass: plywood box, Other components: covered by bubble firm bag, packing in carton.


    Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
    A: We are factory.
    How long is your delivery time?
    A: Generally it is 25--35 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
    How to accept product quality?
    A: If it is a standard product, we can provide samples to the customer for confirmation.
    What is your terms of payment ?
    A: T/T or Negotiate with you
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