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Aluminum Heavy duty broken bridge folding door 1
Aluminum Heavy duty broken bridge folding door 2
Aluminum Heavy duty broken bridge folding door 3
Aluminum Heavy duty broken bridge folding door 4
Aluminum Heavy duty broken bridge folding door 5
Aluminum Heavy duty broken bridge folding door 1
Aluminum Heavy duty broken bridge folding door 2
Aluminum Heavy duty broken bridge folding door 3
Aluminum Heavy duty broken bridge folding door 4
Aluminum Heavy duty broken bridge folding door 5

Aluminum Heavy duty broken bridge folding door

WJW's Aluminum Heavy-Duty Broken Bridge Folding Door, a robust solution for modern living. Combining strength with functionality, it offers durability and versatility, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.


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    1.Space Optimization: Specifically crafted for indoor use, the Aluminum 50mm swing doors feature a medium and narrow profile, effectively maximizing space in various indoor settings.

    2.Wall Attachment: The 50mm frame is securely attached to the wall, ensuring stability and a clean aesthetic. This design seamlessly integrates with the interior for a polished look. 

    3.Aluminum Construction: Crafted from high-quality aluminum, these doors guarantee durability, corrosion resistance, and a contemporary appearance, contributing to a modern interior design. 

    4.Swing Mechanism: The swing doors employ an efficient swinging mechanism, allowing for smooth and convenient daily use. This mechanism ensures easy operation and enhances user convenience. 

    5.Versatility: Suited for various indoor applications, these doors are ideal for bedrooms, closets, and spaces with limited clearance, providing versatile solutions for different needs.

    6.Sleek Aesthetics: With a minimalist design, the doors enhance the overall aesthetics of the indoor space, contributing to a contemporary and stylish interior ambiance. 

    7.Customization: Available in a range of sizes and finishes, these doors offer customization options, allowing them to be tailored to specific design preferences and architectural requirements. 

    8.Smooth Operation: Engineered for silent and smooth operation, these doors prioritize user experience, ensuring ease of use in daily activities. 

    9.Functional Efficiency: Despite their medium and narrow profile, the doors ensure efficient insulation, soundproofing, and sealing. This contributes to a comfortable indoor environment by maintaining temperature and reducing noise. 

    10.Easy Maintenance: Leveraging the low-maintenance properties of aluminum, these doors are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring long-lasting performance and appearance. 

    11.Contemporary Living: Tailored for modern living spaces, the Aluminum 50mm swing doors blend sophistication with functional optimization, making them a stylish and practical choice for confined indoor areas.

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    Performance Excellence: Boasting high sealing performance, our Aluminum Heavy-Duty Broken Bridge Folding Door offers dust-proof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, and flame-retardant attributes. It serves as an efficient partition and screen for added versatility.

    Elegant Design: The beautiful and elegant appearance design pairs seamlessly with high sealing performance. The folding and opening mechanism is user-friendly, maximizing space utilization with 100% opening area. This design promotes excellent ventilation while effectively saving door-occupied space.

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    Premium Hardware: Equipped with practical, high-end customized folding hardware, ensuring high load-bearing capacity, durability, and wear resistance. The door leaf, reaching up to 4 meters in height, is flexible to open, allowing for easy and smooth push-and-pull actions, showcasing high structural strength.

    Versatile Application: Ideal for modern home decor projects, our Folding Door creates a flexible space with high decorative appeal. Primarily used in balconies, hotel lobbies, outdoor restaurants, sunrooms, and various spaces where functionality and aesthetics converge.

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    Key attributes

    Profile wall thickness 2.0mm
    Frame attached to wall 120mm
    Standard glass 5G+27A+5G comes standard with black fluorocarbon integrated bent hollow aluminum strips
    Hardware standard configuration Exclusive high-end customized folding door hardware accessories
    Material Aluminum,glass
    Color Black, grey,Light black, gold

    Other attributes

    Place of Origin Guangdong, China
    Brand Name WJW
    Mounted Flooring
    Position Study, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, clothing and other indoor partition
    Surface finish Brushed finish or Mirror Polish
    MOQ Low MOQ
    Trade Term EXW FOB CIF
    Payment terms 30%-50% deposit
    Delivery time 15-20days
    Feature Design and customize
    Glass Tempered
    Size Free design accpeted

    Packaging and delivery

    Packaging Details Aluminum Door and accessories fully sealed plywood packaging, cardboard box
    Port Guangzhou or Foshan

    Packing & Delivery

    To protect the goods, we pack the goods at least three layers. The first layer is film, the second is carton or woven bag, the third is carton or plywood case. Glass: plywood box, Other components: covered by bubble firm bag, packing in carton.


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