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How Can You Connect Aluminum Profiles For Windows And Doors?


There are several techniques you can use to connect windows and doors aluminum profiles. However, the most suitable one is dependent on the actual framing design of the specific window or door.

Some of the commonly used ways include the following;

Screw Port

It is quite popular and can be used with self-tapping screws or merely threaded to take a machine screw.

This mode of connection offers a strong and robust fix and allowing easy disassembly. You should always consider giving clearance for screw head.


This is regarded as the easiest and fastest way to fix different aluminum profiles.

You can use it as a decorative feature for hiding unsightly screw heads on the surface material.

It hardly requires foreign fixing, which facilitates recycling. Snap-fit technique features lead-in barbs allowing the top extrusion to slide and clip over the bottom one.

Since aluminum has a natural flex, it provides a positive snap. However, you should take note that a barb without reverse chamfer may form a permanent snap-fit.

How Can You Connect Aluminum Profiles For Windows And Doors? 1 

Snap Fitting of Aluminum Windows and Door Profile


Relatively simple and effective method for connecting aluminum profiles for windows and doors. It allows two profiles to attain a strong and quick fix.

You can attain this by sliding one feature over the other.

Notably, window and door aluminum profiles often have both male and female features in same profile.

It thus implies that you can use same extrusion for top and bottom.

However, this technique requires sliding its entire length. As such, it may be unsuitable to use in somewhat confined spaces.

Normally, it is a perfect choice for sliding window aluminum frame.

Corner Cleat

It is the ideal method for connecting two identical extrusion profiles at a particular angle. The profile has a channel allowing the cleat often made of another aluminum profile or sheet steel.

This cleat may have a few barbs on each side, cutting into the aluminum to create a friction fit. Alternatively, you can add screws to fix the cleat in position.

Nut Track

This method features a channel designed to fit a nut or bolt head firmly between the flats.

The essence is to prevent nut or bolt head from spinning. You can use multiple fasteners in a single track and position freely.


It is the ideal method to fix aluminum profiles while allowing movement. You can attain this in many ways by using two cylindrical features.

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