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100mm High Performance Commercial awning plus fixed window , Aluminum Doors And Windows top tung window 1
100mm High Performance Commercial awning plus fixed window , Aluminum Doors And Windows top tung window 1

100mm High Performance Commercial awning plus fixed window , Aluminum Doors And Windows top tung window

Hinged at the top and swinging outwards to open at the base. Supports security and standard screens. ​Awnings are a smart choice as they can be left open to vent even when rain is expected. They can be operated with Cam handles, window winders or automatic winders connected to your Smart home / CBUS system.


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    Products Description

    It opens at the base and swings outward from a top hinge. Supports both standard and security displays. Awnings are wise because you may leave them open to let the air out even when it's supposed to rain. Window winders, automatic winders can control them, or Cam handles connected to your Smart home or CBUS system.

    Because they can have splayed or square-looking sashes, awning/casement windows can have a retro or modern appearance. Awning windows have excellent thermal and acoustic performance because of a complete perimeter seal around the sash. They come with keyed lock choices and can have single or double glazing.

    With its contemporary beveled sash profiles and glazing beads, the Awning/Casement Window has been created to provide a clean and streamlined appearance. For convenience, the Urban has a continuous hook-hinging mechanism and offers the choice of a chain winder or sash catches. Along with the option of double glazing, complete perimeter sash seals are intended to increase weather tightness and can offer increased thermal comfort and performance. It can be used with various sliding, casement, and double-hung windows to provide a comprehensive window solution.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Neat, clean appearance

    • Single and double glazing options

    • Lockable hardware options

    • Positive sealing for improved weather performance

    • Electric winders available

    • Integrated insect and security screening options

    Technical Data

    Frame Dimensions150mm
    Alum. Thickness2.0-2.2mm
    Glazing details/Single Glazed5 - 13.52mm
    Glazing details/Double Glazed18 - 28mm
    Maximum Product PerformanceSLS/ULS/WATER AS BELOW
    SLS(Serviceability limit state) Pa2500
    ULS(Ultimate limit state) Pa5500
    Maximum Recommended SizesHeight 3150mm /Width 2250mm /Weight 200kg per panel
    Thermal PerformanceUw range SG 4.3 - 6.1
    SHGC range SG 0.38 - 0.66
    Uw range DG 3.0 - 3.9
    SHGC range DG 0.22 - 0.55
    Main hardwarecan Choose Kinlong or Doric , 15 years of warranty
    Weather resistant sealantGuibao/Baiyun/or equivalent brand
    Structural sealantGuibao/Baiyun/or equivalent brand
    Outer frame sealEPDM
    Glass glue cushionSilicon

    The WJW range of windows 

    With a robust 125mm framing system, the WJW line of windows and doors offers the performance and strength needed for high-end architectural applications. Large semi-commercial setups are conceivable with this system's inherent power while maintaining a domestic look, which is impossible with commercial systems.

    The smooth flat sash profiles, integrated bead line, and rounded nose of the WJW100 Awning and Casement window system produce a traditional yet contemporary appearance. This similar feature is included in the WJW100 Hinged Door systems to provide a consistent appearance across the entire range. The WJW100 Awning & Casement, which can accommodate ample, high-efficiency double glazing and single sashes up to 2400mm in height, is in a league of its own in terms of performance and aesthetics. a single glass Wind and Water Rated Double Glazing Acoustic Rated WERS Flyscreen Alternative circulation of air.


    • Premium quality 125mm architectural framing system

    • Large capacity single and double glazing options

    • Capable of sash heights up to 2400mm

    • Integrated insect and security screening options


    1Q: What is an aluminium awning window?

    A: An aluminium awning window has hinges at the top of the frame, and swings outward from the bottom. They can open with the simple crank of a handle or with the basic glide of the Easy-Slide Operator hardware. Awning windows are great in places that could use extra ventilation and light

    2Q: How secure are aluminium awning windows?

    A: Aluminium Awning windows are commonly secured by a keyed lock that is integrated into the winder mechanism (which we supply as standard hardware), which allows the window to be locked in a partially open position although fully shut is always more secure.

    3Q: Do aluminium awning windows allow airflow?

    A: Not just for kitchens, an aluminium awning window can optimize light and air flow in any room—and in all weather. Its frame opens outward to let breezes in while keeping moisture out and-because it's hinged at the top-that means it can even ventilate your house in heavy rain!

    4Q: What are aluminium awning windows good for?

    A: Aluminium Awning windows can be placed higher on walls than many other types of windows. High window placement is useful for capturing natural light and ventilation while also maximising your wall space and maintaining privacy. Awning windows offer superior privacy options to other openable windows.

    5Q: What is the difference between a casement and aluminium awning window?

    A: The key difference between aluminium casement windows and aluminium awning windows is where they are hinged. Casement windows hinge at the side, whereas awning windows hinge at the top. Both types of windows open fully outward, making either of the styles a great choice when you want lots of ventilation and natural light.

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