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Aluminum clad wooden Louvers Windows 1
Aluminum clad wooden Louvers Windows 2
Aluminum clad wooden Louvers Windows 3
Aluminum clad wooden Louvers Windows 4
Aluminum clad wooden Louvers Windows 5
Aluminum clad wooden Louvers Windows 1
Aluminum clad wooden Louvers Windows 2
Aluminum clad wooden Louvers Windows 3
Aluminum clad wooden Louvers Windows 4
Aluminum clad wooden Louvers Windows 5

Aluminum clad wooden Louvers Windows

Elevate your living space with the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality through Aluminum Clad Wooden Louver Windows. These windows seamlessly marry the timeless charm of wooden aesthetics with the durability of aluminum cladding, creating an exquisite combination of style and resilience. Offering both visual appeal and practical features, these louver windows provide versatile ventilation control and a striking architectural element for modern interiors, harmonizing elegance with performance in your home or office environment.


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    Our advantage

    6 (4)
    Blend of Materials
    Harmonious integration of wood for timeless appeal and aluminum cladding for durability.
    8 (6)
    Architectural Sophistication
    Louver design adds a touch of architectural elegance to the window, enhancing overall aesthetics.
    6 (5)
    Weather Resistance
    Aluminum cladding provides excellent protection against the elements, ensuring longevity and resistance to weather-related wear.
    12 (4)
    Ventilation Control
    Louvered design allows for customizable ventilation control, providing flexibility in airflow and light.
    1 (8)
    Energy Efficiency
    The combination of wood and aluminum contributes to energy efficiency, providing insulation for temperature regulation.
    5 (5)
    Customizable Finishes
    Options for various finishes, colors, and stains, allowing customization to match individual preferences and interior design.
    6 (5)
    Low Maintenance
    Aluminum cladding reduces maintenance needs, eliminating concerns about frequent repainting and ensuring long-term durability.
    12 (4)
    Security Features
    Incorporates advanced locking systems for enhanced security, meeting safety standards for peace of mind.
    9 (4)
    Sustainable Materials
    Responsibly sourced wood aligns with environmental sustainability, providing an eco-friendly window solution.
    11 (3)
    Slim Profile
    Rubber strips embedded in wooden grooves ensure a slim profile, contributing to a sleek and modern appearance.

    Easy Glass Replacement: 

    Clip-type beading process facilitates easy glass replacement, avoiding traditional nailing methods and offering a more efficient solution.

    Versatility in Applications: 

    Suitable for various architectural styles, making these windows versatile for both residential and commercial settings.

    Enhanced Anti-Pry Performance: 

    Integrated lock base and hinges increase strength, surpassing 2000N, while providing improved anti-pry performance.

    Multiple Locking Points: 

    European standard RC2 level anti-theft hardware with multiple locking points on four sides ensures a high level of security.

    15-Minute Anti-Theft and Anti-Pry Security: 

    The comprehensive security configuration establishes a robust 15-minute resistance against theft and tampering.

    Key attributes

    Warranty NONE
    After-sale Service Online technical support
    Project Solution Capability graphic design, 3D model design
    Application Hotel, House, Apartment
    Design StyleModern

    Other attributes

    Place of Origin Guangdong, China
    Brand Name WJW
    Position High-end residences, gardens, shops, offices
    Surface finish Paint coating
    Trade Term EXW FOB CIF
    Payment terms 30%-50% deposit
    Delivery time 15-20days
    Feature Design and customize
    Size Free design accpeted

    Packaging and delivery

    Packaging Details Glass, aluminum, wood, accessories
    Port Guangzhou or Foshan

      Lead time

    Quantity (meters) 1-100 >100
    Lead time (days) 20 To be negotiated

    Siberian pine wood is considered durable and resistant to decay, it has good insulation properties, both thermally and acoustically, the natural resins in Siberian pine wood provide protection against decay and rot.

    We use aviation grade aluminum profiles, which have corrosion resistance and anodizing capability, and its reliability and stability are in line with aviation standards.

    2 (9)

    Variable cross-section process

    Utilizing the precision of the German HOMAG five-axis machining center, with an accuracy of 0.01mm, enables the machining of two sections on the same wooden window profile. This process results in the creation of an autonomous unit for both opening and fixing functions. The unit exhibits excellent intermittent water resistance, ensuring a high level of water tightness. Simultaneously, the frame's structural strength is significantly enhanced, contributing to a larger frame size. As a result, the entire window system achieves exceptional wind pressure resistance, reaching up to 700Pa.

    Hidden drainage technology

    The frame's drainage system has been strategically modified, transitioning from side drainage to bottom drainage. This adjustment is implemented to prevent potential rainwater backflow resulting from direct wind exposure, a factor known to lead to leaks. The alteration ensures more effective drainage. Additionally, a glazed aluminum or cladding board is incorporated at the frame's bottom to safeguard against potential gaps between the window and the wall, effectively mitigating the risk of leakage.


    4mm fully hidden hardware

    The integration of the lock base and hinges is seamlessly achieved within the window frame, employing advanced profiling technology. This innovative approach significantly augments strength, elevating it to an impressive 2000N, while the hardware bearing capacity adheres to a robust design standard of 140Kg. The incorporation of an embedded lock block enables the hardware lock head to move within a 4mm hardware channel, enhancing anti-pry performance. The anti-theft capabilities of the system are elevated to meet European standards, ensuring a high level of security and peace of mind for users.

    European standard RC2 level anti-theft

    Every model within the series is equipped with European standard RC2 level anti-theft hardware, featuring multiple locking points on all four sides. This comprehensive security configuration is designed to establish a robust 15-minute resistance against theft and tampering, ensuring a secure and protected window system.


    Card-type layering process

    The fixed glass incorporates an innovative clip-type beading process, facilitating effortless glass replacement for partners. Departing from the conventional nailing method, the use of high-strength fasteners ensures a more scientifically sound solution for securing the glass. Additionally, rubber strips are seamlessly embedded within the wooden grooves, ensuring they remain securely in place, contributing to a sleeker and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

    Colorful wood coating, solid color durable environmental protection.

    The enduring reliability of wood delivers robust energy efficiency, coupled with a cozy and distinctive ambiance within your home. Complemented by a resilient aluminum exterior, it ensures superior weather resistance, safeguarding the wooden structure. This translates to minimal maintenance and eliminates the need for frequent repainting on your part. Each facet is individually tailorable, providing a personalized solution to your requirements with an array of colors, stains, and finishes.


    Packing & Delivery

    To protect the goods, we pack the goods at least three layers. The first layer is film, the second is carton or woven bag, the third is carton or plywood case. Glass: plywood box, Other components: covered by bubble firm bag, packing in carton.


    Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
    A: We are factory.
    How long is your delivery time?
    A: Generally it is 25--35 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
    How to accept product quality?
    A: If it is a standard product, we can provide samples to the customer for confirmation.
    What is your terms of payment ?
    A: T/T or Negotiate with you
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