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What are Aluminum Curtain Wall Extrusions Used For?

What are Aluminum Curtain Wall Extrusions Used For?

It's quite possible that you haven't heard about aluminum curtain walling. The idea of aluminum extrusion may seem strange to you. Still, you can find the structures in several places in your everyday life, especially as you visit commercial buildings with natural architecture. You will find aluminum curtain walls that give the buildings a robust appearance and several practical advantages. 

Extrusion wall curtains were initially made from steel. But, they are made from aluminum due to their lightweight properties. Aluminum curtain walls are typically filled with glass and other materials to give the building an aesthetic and creative look.  

Curtain walls have been used for centuries; people of ancient civilizations added more construction features to keep them safe from elements and enemies. As we are in much safer times now, we need to ensure protection from elements with curtain walls.

At WJW Aluminum, we use a process to transform the products for better strength and durability with Aluminum Alloy we use to mold into standard aluminum extrusion profiles. We have more than two decades of experience in the Aluminium industry, providing for various aluminum shapes of aluminum extrusions. 

WJW has proved its mettle as a reliable aluminum extrusion manufacturer and supplier, offering varied surface treatments for a colorful and polished appearance using techniques like shiny anodizing, PVDF coating, electrophoresis, and powder coating. In addition, we help you to customize your aluminum extrusion curtain walls. Here are some uses of aluminum wall curtains.

 What are Aluminum Curtain Wall Extrusions Used For? 1

Keeping the Elements Out

The curtain walls were originally created to keep the elements such as rain and water out. This is one crucial benefit you get even today with aluminum curtain walls. The aluminum curtain walling is a highly protective layer that only insulates but also blocks wind and rain. 

You can opt for any building surface where the aluminum curtain wall can be maintained efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, it is excellent for rainy environments. 


Add to Design Value 

One of the significant benefits of aluminum curtain walls is that they can protect buildings. Significantly, an aluminum curtain can genuinely add to the design and structure of a building, making it a trendy choice that can cover a building. Building structures can truly benefit from aluminum curtain walls as it helps to protect a building. Moreover, aluminum walls can genuinely add to the design of a building structure. That's why architects love to feature aluminum wall curtains in buildings. 

Moreover, aluminum curtain walling provides extraordinary modern buildings having clean lines with a lot of flexibility and lightweight characteristics. Therefore, architects can have a wild imagination to create noticeable top-level structures that will mesmerize with their looks. 

Also, depending on the design you need to have in your curved building, you can get exciting changes from a straightforward crown or a classic look. Aluminum curtain walls make your dream come true of having a structure with an exceptional appearance.  

If you choose glass as the filling material, you can experiment with traditional transparent and other kinds of glass. You can also use triangles or different regular shapes of glass. You get a great scope for using various materials to give a flexible structure, and architects can add multiple components like metals and stones for the curtain walling. 


Allow Natural Light 

It’s important to have an adequate amount of natural light entering your building, especially in buildings like hospitals, where there is a need for natural light to get in more efficiently. With more natural light available, you will spend less on artificial lighting. That's why it can enhance the overall value of your property and instantly attract buyers. Moreover, one can use UV filtering glass to help protect things inside a building from fading due to UV exposure. When building structures are preventing light from coming in, having an aluminum glass curtain can help you to get more light within the building.  

What are Aluminum Curtain Wall Extrusions Used For? 2

Temperature Regulation 

Aluminum curtain walling is also a good solution for thermal regulation. It helps to keep the heat locked within, making the walling an excellent solution for thermal regulation. As you add particular walls to your building, you get another layer of insulation and protection for the building. Over time, the temperature in the building became ambient and more pleasant. Moreover, when you combine it with other methods, it can help in good temperature regulation. You can also get an improved BREEAM rating. 


High Level of Structural Stability 

Maybe you never thought an aluminum curtain wall would enhance the strength of your building, primarily due to lightweight structures like glass and aluminum. But, when you add these structures across the various floors, they can lower the sway in the taller buildings, allowing them to resist strong winds. The aluminum curtain walls also help in water diversion and allow a safe thermal expansion and contraction of the facility.  


Flexible And Customizable 

Aluminum curtain walls do not just use glass, giving a modern look; if you need them to look more natural than modern, you can go for timber. It means that your aluminum curtain walls are highly flexible and help to take care of personal aesthetics while adding strength to your building.


Prevent Hazards like Fire 

It is necessary to have buildings made from fire-resistant materials to prevent disasters like fire from occurring in the building. For example, an aluminum wall curtain made from glazed aluminum helps control fire and to avoid fire spreading across the building.



Curtain walling presents many solutions for commercial buildings. People interested in commercial curtain wall buildings can utilize aluminum curtain walls to benefit natural light, temperature regulation, protection from elements, and more. You can also use aluminum wall curtains to give your building an aesthetic appeal and better functionality. Learn more about the different designs of aluminum curtain walls and get customized solutions from WJW Aluminum.

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