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What Are Aluminum Curtain Wall Extrusions?

What Are Aluminum Curtain Wall Extrusions?

Aluminum curtain wall profiles are lightweight wall structures usually composed of glass and aluminum used in high-rise systems.


Curtain Walling Evolution

In the last decade, there have been a lot of advances in curtain walling that have increased the demand for various types of extrusions. While building curtain walling, it is vital to create bends with close tolerances using the right tools and equipment. 

The stretch machine stretches the material to the ultimate yield point, wrapping it around plywood to give the right yield point. The devices significantly improve for higher stability to give dimensional offerings with accuracy. This means the bends need to be consistent and should have no surface deterioration. The stretched metal should have radii up to 8 eight times each section's depth in the plane of curvature. The metal you obtain should be unaged. Natural aging of the aluminum metal leads to various issues that hinder the formation of a stretch after an extrusion. 

WJW Aluminum extrusions are available as top-notch curtain wall offerings. They are popularly used in commercial building projects across the country and exported to countries such as Australia, Thailand, the United States, Singapore, and more. 

WJW's professional engineering team designs aluminum curtain wall supplies. We are an established and reputed company giving customized aluminum facade systems that can suit unique purposes. We help you design custom curtain wall aluminum profiles in various finishes such as mill finish, anodized aluminum, powder coating, wood grain finishing, electrophoretic finishing, and more. If you have any queries about aluminum wall extrusions, do not hesitate to contact WJW Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers.

What Are Aluminum Curtain Wall Extrusions? 1

Benefits of Aluminum Curtain Wall Profile

  • Aluminum curtain wall profiles are highly robust, lightweight, and possess great strength. In addition, WJW Aluminum's curtain wall panels have a high level of corrosion resistance, with powder coating and fluorocarbon paint lasting up to 25 years.
  • Our aluminum curtain wall profiles are created with dedicated and expert workmanship. In manufacturing wall profiles, we can give you advantages like choosing to get complex geometric shapes, including plane arcs and spherical surfaces. We'll form the basic structure of the aluminum profile in the initial steps and then paint it to make it more corrosion-resistant and attractive.
  • The aluminum curtain wall profiles are stain-resistant and have tremendously low-maintenance requirements. Their powder-coated aluminum surfaces are also dirt resistant. A simple wipe-off with a wet sponge can help create optimum cleanliness levels.   
  • Our aluminum wall curtain profiles are ready-made and shipped to your location. They're easy and convenient to install, and your project gets completed quickly. Then, as you receive your order at the doorstep, all you have to do is just fit them. 
  • Their aluminum profiles also are an environmentally-friendly choice. They can be easily recycled and reused. That's why you increase your building's recycling value and lower its carbon footprint when you install aluminum curtain profiles. 


Applications of Aluminum Curtain Wall 

Due to their inherent properties, curtain walls are helpful for various purposes, such as:

  • Acoustics
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Moisture resistance

One needs to optimize them to produce the right temperature and natural light and lower the facility's energy needs. 

An aluminum curtain wall may have a light structure, lowering the building's load. In addition, these structures are earthquake-resistant and provide for easier installation, affordability, and aesthetics.

An aluminum curtain wall with glass is used in the facade of a building on the curtain wall structure. These aren't the building itself and lower the overall building weight risks. Bring about a weight reduction of the building, thereby improving the building's earthquake resistance. 

Lightweight and high-strength aesthetically pleasing curtain walls are widely used as curtain wall panels are an excellent substitute for solid wall structures. The curtain wall is also helpful in a curtain wall with a skylight and canopy having a large-span building like hospitals, stadiums, airports, exhibition centers, and other public places. 


Why WJW Aluminum Extrusions?

WJW's Aluminum extrusions use a unique process to transform aluminum alloy that can get squeezed into the mold. We produce both aluminum profiles and Aluminum extrusion profiles with an extrusion process. With more than 20 years of experience, we provide you with different high-grade aluminum extrusion profiles you can directly use at construction sites. 

WJW Aluminum also provides for different kinds of surface treatment, including polishing, shiny anodizing, electrophoresis coating, PVDF coating, powder coating, and much more. If your special requirements go beyond our sanded aluminum extrusions, please place your order for the design of unique products. 

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