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What are Sun Louvers?

What are Sun Louvers?

Sun Louvers are one of the best ways for creative temperate control. We now have sun louver systems that may be either vertical or horizontal. At WJW Aluminum Supply, we provide you with the finest quality louvers made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum and have an adaptable and aesthetically significant profile that transforms into architectural exterior and interior design. Our louvers are in simple and elegant shapes, featuring a variety of blades that can match the environment's needs. Also, aluminum sunshades are available in panel screens that are available in bullet, ellipsoid, and panel configurations. WJW offers various sunshade products in multiple styles and choices, in dimensions such as 50mm, 45 mm, and 75 mm. They are helpful in different structures and can match different types of environments. 


Louvers have a sleek, modern, and custom-made design that is highly useful in various architectural styles. They allow for ventilation while providing sufficient cover from debris and dirt. Louvers can significantly increase the outdoor entertainment footprint for porches, decks, verandas, swimming pool areas, and much more. Also, louvers are highly adaptable in various settings where you need a high level of privacy. With sun louver systems, you prevent strangers from peeping into your private space and stay protected from harsh sun rays.  Sun Louver Systems provide style and functionality, giving the building's exterior a unique profile. Moreover, these louvers systems are made from high-quality materials, can be custom-made per your needs, and come with a long-term warranty.


Utilize More Outdoor Space

Aluminum louvers are an attractive option for property owners who want a desirable alternative to expanding their outdoor living footprint. Moreover, the louver panels are placed strategically in various locations.  It's essential to place the louver panels in outdoor locations to give you a cool shade with filtered sunlight. Adding potted plants with colorful flowers in such louver-protected spaces is excellent for a highly satisfying living experience. 

You can also achieve versatile temperature-control louver panel systems that can be well enhanced with an adjustable louver roof to design an improved poolside or a patio entertainment area. Finally, you can go for outdoor living areas with low-impact louver systems, which you can install quickly and efficiently. 

Sun louvers can also add the right finesse, form, and function. Sun louvers in a top-notch design provide a beautiful addition to buildings. They add character to the face, effortlessly improve airflow and add to the aesthetic appeal. Moreover, sun louvers are available in different systems, such as hand-operable and fixed bracket ones.

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Shapes of Louver Blades In WJW Aluminum Louvers

Having subtle rectangular-shaped louvers having nearly 3mm thick aluminum extrusions provide you the look of clean and straight lines with sharp edges. These louvers are manually operable, end fixed, operable, automated bracket set, and end fixed for sitting in any design situation. 

Our Sun Louvers help create fully operable panels that help you get fault flush screens. These louvers are operated by architectural weatherboarding. They are used in vertical, horizontal, and overhead configurations. 

Sun louvers can be hand-operated or motorized functioning and also end fixed louvers. We can also work to provide you with the functionality whereby you can secure these louvers with screws or channels fixed to their ends. The ends caps are given a smooth finish. 


More Reasons to Go for Outdoor Sun Louvers

Outdoor louvers prove helpful all year round. These louvers have the proper functionality and are valid for various capabilities and technology, such as home renovation to create smart homes. Sun louvers are also a great option to make the most of residence or private facilities' outdoor entertainment areas. 

  • Ventilation

Extruded aluminum louvers help to increase the airflow in a covered area. You can also plan an outdoor kitchen with a louver system with the great advantage of clearing smoke and steam quickly out of the kitchen. These louvers can also get manipulated to give complete wind protection. In addition, the material of WJW Aluminum louvers is strong enough to withstand cyclones. 

  • Insulation

The aluminum louvers also reflect heat very efficiently. They help trap the heat inside in colder climates and allow you to enjoy the outdoors in the winter. In summer, louvers help to keep the heat out. This means that your gas heaters can work highly efficiently as louvers can tap the radiation in an area to your advantage, providing a comfortable temperature in extreme outdoor weather conditions.

  • Light Diffusion

The most significant benefit of sun louvers in the open roof system is the ability to control natural light in your home. As we open into the louver system, you allow more sun seeping. In addition, these systems let you let in a significant amount of natural light –  whereby 90% of all the light can shine through the area as the roof louvers get opened. You can also choose the complete closing of the open roof to give you full shade on the hottest days to utilize the outdoor space comfortably. 

  • Ambiance

While a traditional pergola does not give you very ambient options that a louver system provides, you can make the most of outdoor entertainment areas with a massive range of light options in sun louvers. For example, you can allow for a whole opening of a spring day, while you can get a small amount of natural light on hot summer days and more natural light on snowy winter days for comfortable settings. 



This is why having sun louvers can give you great benefits. And it is a sensible decision to include architectural sun louvers in your building and enjoy well-lit and well-ventilated spaces with adequate protection and privacy all year round.

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