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What Are The Mechanical Properties Of Aluminum Profiles For Windows and Doors?


Technically, making aluminum profiles for windows and doors involves altering most of its physical characteristics. However, definitive cross-sections are introduced in the profile to boost its versatility.

Here are some of the mechanical features of aluminum profiles for windows and doors;

What Are The Mechanical Properties Of Aluminum Profiles For Windows and Doors? 1


Extruded aluminum is about 1/3 less than iron or brass, a clear indication it is comparatively a lightweight material.

Moreover, the lightweight nature of this material hardly compromises its strength. As such, it becomes suitable for making different designs of windows and doors profiles for usage in various settings.


Ideally, any recyclable material is fundamental. It means you can use the substance many times, which reduces production costs significantly.

Aluminum is recyclable irrespective of the number of years the piece has served.


Typical aluminum material for windows and doors profiles is often taken through aging process during extrusion. The process strengthens the material, and as temperature reduces, its strength increases.

Thus, this material can withstand high pressure without running its form or dimensions, making it ideal for windows and doors profiles.


You can easily tune aluminum material to form different preferred shapes. Ideally, the extrusion process allows aluminum for making windows and doors relatively flexible.

Moreover, the material features definitive cross-sections allowing an easier machining process, which increases flexibility.


Extruded aluminum material is immune to corrosion thus can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Of course, this is advantageous since it means the resultant windows and doors profiles can last several years without deformation.

Non-combustible And Non-sparking

This material can tolerate high temperatures without burning or emitting toxic fumes. In essence, this property makes it eco-friendly and ideal for industrial applications.

Moreover, extruded aluminum hardly produces sparks irrespective of the friction it is subjected to.

Easy Alloying

Notably, aluminum material is compatible with various metals making it easy to form different alloys.

You can use simple formation processes such as riveting, welding, brazing, and adhesive bonding to create different aluminum alloys.

Ideally, aluminum features favorable texture making it easy to form alloys with different metals using simple means.

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