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Aluminium Roof Window, Skyght Aluminum Doors And Windows 1
Aluminium Roof Window, Skyght Aluminum Doors And Windows 2
Aluminium Roof Window, Skyght Aluminum Doors And Windows 3
Aluminium Roof Window, Skyght Aluminum Doors And Windows 1
Aluminium Roof Window, Skyght Aluminum Doors And Windows 2
Aluminium Roof Window, Skyght Aluminum Doors And Windows 3

Aluminium Roof Window, Skyght Aluminum Doors And Windows

With its anthracite grey frame and double glazed finish, the Flat Glass Rooflight provides a contemporary alternative to polycarbonate flat roof products.

The Flat Glass Rooflight is available in fixed shut, manual and electrical opening options with a toughened outer pane for maximum durability.


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    • Double glazed 6mm toughened outer pane.

    8.8mm laminated inner pane.

    U-Value of 1.3W/m2.K.

    Insulated 150mm PVC upstand for enhanced thermal performance.

    Suitable for roof pitches between 5° and 25.

    Can be installed on roof pitches below 5° when mounted to an additional upstand at 5.

    • Fixed shut, manual and electric opening options available.

    • CWCT Class 1 non-fragile testing obtained.

    A roof window is a term that has a few connotations associated with it, some of which aren’t true, so we thought we’d clarify exactly what a roof window is and why they’re a great addition to your home.

    Roof Windows Are Different to Skylights: Roof windows are a fantastic way to flood a room with natural light and fill your home with fresh air, allowing you to see the sky with an unimpeded view.

    They are often confused with skylights and light tunnels, which work differently to a roof window. A roof window has the ability to open and close and is usually much larger than a skylight. A skylight doesn’t normally open or provide any kind of view, especially when compared to a roof window.

    Roof window with glorious view: A light tunnel is a tube that provides light to an area of a home that isn’t bathed in natural light. This is fitted in the roof and leads to the room, reflecting the light through it.

    A roof window tends to be fitted into the original structure of a building, however, depending on the angle of the roof and sign-off from planning permission and building regulations, it can be built into existing structures.

    Modern roof windows are an optimal solution used in the construction industry as they illuminate interiors, ventilate loft spaces and provide views to the outside. What is more, installing windows in the roof is cheaper and less labour-intensive than building dormers. Roof windows are changing. Currently manufactured roof windows are products of the highest quality, featuring high durability, energy-efficiency, safety and convenient operation.

    Standard pivot roof windows are being replaced by other, more modern roof window structures more and more frequently. Windows with raised axis of rotation or top hung and pivot windows have gained recognition in the eyes of the customers since they ensure much higher functionality. 

    When choosing roof windows, one must take into account functionality, energy-efficiency, safety of use and burglary resistance. Residents find all these aspects very important. Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable at home. Modern WJW roof windows provide this peace of mind.

    Technical Data

    Frame MaterialAluminiumMaximum Roof Pitch (degrees)85
    Alum. Thickness2.0-2.2mmSkylight Mounting TypeDeck Mount
    UV Protection (%)99.9FeaturesArgon Gas Filled,Light Transmittal,Severe Weather Ready
    Glass TypeEnergy Efficient Glass,Insulated Glass,Laminated Glass,Low-E Glass,Tinted GlassMinimum Roof Pitch (degrees)14


    1Q: Are roof windows a good idea?

    A: Rooftop windows and skylights can give a number of advantages to homeowners. They can increase the overall value (equity) of your home, and they can solve certain issues in stuffy, cold or dark rooms. The biggest benefit of skylights is how they let natural light into your space. And with that light comes solar heat.

    2Q: What is the difference between a skylight and a roof window?

    A: The Differences Between Skylights And Roof Windows.

    Skylights are fixed windows that do not open. A skylight offers lots of natural light but it doesn't open for venting. Roof windows let in light but also opens to allow venting. These types of windows are sometimes called venting windows.

    3Q: Can you put aluminium windows in a roof?

    A: Just as with traditional windows for walls, you have options for how to install roof windows or skylights. They can be installed yourself, by the window company, or by a traditional carpenter or general contractor.

    4Q: What is a window in a roof called?

    A: Skylights. Skylights and rooflights are more general terms and are often interchanged. Skylights generally refer to windows fixed into the roof, similar to roof windows.

    4Q: What is a window roof?

    A: A roof window is an outward opening window that is incorporated as part of the design of a roof. Often confused with a skylight, a roof window differs in a few basic ways. A roof window is often a good option when there is a desire to allow both light and fresh air into the space.

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