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What are the Largest Dimensions for Aluminium Windows?

What are the Largest Dimensions for Aluminium Windows?

Aluminum windows provide a high level of security, thermal insulation, and weather resistance. We provide you with aluminum doors and aluminum windows that are highly innovative and have the highest quality. The aluminum windows we create are available in different kinds of styles. We can customize window sizes as per your requirements. We provide aluminum windows with modern and contemporary designs.

Moreover, you also get many options to get a custom design with the right color. At WJW, we can provide you windows with specialty grills that are highly versatile and durable. We design high-performance windows in the unique designs you will love to install in your home and other properties. Also, we can customize the sizes as per your requirements. 

Here are the largest Window Sizes we manufacture at WJW Windows.

What are the Largest Dimensions for Aluminium Windows? 1

100mm High-Performance Commercial Awning plus Fixed Window

At WJW, we provide high-performance commercial casement windows hinged at the top and swung outwards while opening at the base. These windows offer higher security with their standard screens. Casement windows are a top-notch choice for your home and property that you can leave open even during rain. 

  • These have a window frame size of 150 mm with an aluminum frame thickness of 2 to 2.5 mm. The single-glazed window is 5 mm -13.52 mm thick, while the double-glazed window is 18-28 mm thick. The maximum recommended size for these windows includes a height of 3150mm 
  • Width 2250 mm
  • Weight of 200 kg per panel. 


You can operate these windows via cam handles, window winders, and automatic winders connected to the Smart home / CBUS system. These windows swing open at the base and are hinged at the top. They are also compatible with security and standard screens.  

Aluminum windows can have a modern, contemporary, or traditional /retro look. In addition, these high-performance windows can offer high-level insulation and soundproofing with single-glazed and double-glazed options. Furthermore, they are sealed along the entire perimeter for weatherproofing and have keyed lock options.

These casement windows provide an elegant look to the home and the building with their contemporary beveled sash profiles or glazing beads. The sash seal will provide weather resistance. You can choose suitable glazing options for more thermal comfort and high performance. 


The Advantages

You get so many benefits with the use of these windows in large size, including a neat and clean appearance, and lockable hardware options with security and insect screens. The windows can also complement siding selection, and casement for double-hung windows gives complete solutions to your requirements. 

You can get Aluminium windows and frames in various sizes opting for a wide range of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes that can add to the charm of your home. Aluminum windows in CNC temporary design and styles lend character to your office and home internally and externally. Aluminum is a highly durable material that can last for nearly 30 years. Aluminum windows usually come with a warranty of 15 years. The other most crucial advantage of aluminum windows is that they are highly affordable. Aluminum windows give a sophisticated look and style to your doors. 

Aluminum windows can create the perfect feel and look in your home, allowing a large amount of light to seep inside with their thin frames and higher area of the glass pane. 

We offer you various kinds of casement or sliding windows. WJW Aluminium Windows are created using the highest quality raw material. That’s why these windows are used in different buildings. In addition, these windows have several sizes and dimensions and are available at highly reasonable prices.


Casement Windows

Customers can order a custom and wide range of Casement Windows. These windows are available in various specifications and can meet different client requirements. We manufacture these windows with superior grade material and the best technologies and techniques. We design windows to comply with the best industry standards. They have a meticulous design and features that our quality controllers check to provide perfect products to our customers. Typically, you can order casement series of windows in various options, including: 


52 mm

  • The glass thickness is between 4 mm to 8 mm
  • They  can have fixed and openable Options 
  • They are hinged at the base and have hooked openings. 
  • Can be equipped with electric winders for connection to Smart Home. 


WJW aluminum windows can offer the right kind of casement windows obtained with the work and expertise of experienced professionals. We’re using high-quality aluminum alloy available with sophisticated technology. These windows are acoustically rated and provide thermal insulation. The perimeter of the sash windows is sealed to give an airtight fit making the windows highly weather resistant. The windows are available in personalized form. 

What are the Largest Dimensions for Aluminium Windows? 2

Soundproof Windows

JWJ offers a quality-proven range of acoustic or soundproof windows that we manufacture using only the top-quality raw material. Also, our windows are toughened with double-glazed glass units. These soundproof windows can be used in different kinds of buildings. They can be customized in different sizes and shapes. You can order them in the sizes and dimensions that you need. We have all the facilities to create the required product for you at affordable prices. 


Residential and Commercial Windows

We offer a plethora of Aluminium System Windows with several kinds of operation such as:

  • Sliding
  • Openable
  • Tilt and turn

These windows are available with several profiles ranging in size from 27mm to 75mm and any other size. We design them to make them suitable for various conditions such as:

  • Opening sizes
  • Wind load
  • Smooth operability 

All these windows are highly affordable, and every kind of window has unique properties to cut down problems like water and wind due to weather disturbances, noise, mosquitoes, insects, dust, and allure with their airtight fit. Moreover, just with a bit of maintenance of cleansing with soapy water once a month, they give you a great ambiance. They can provide a clear view and good functionality and safety of the outer view and make your home endowed with complete comfort. 


WJW Windows Aluminium Windows are helpful in residential and commercial applications. Opt for the ones that are the most suitable for projects. Or let us know the sizes, properties, and functionality you need from the windows so that we can customize them for your requirements. 

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