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QVM-Hub - Aluminum Can Be The Answer To Your Door And Window Needs

Aluminum Can Be The Answer To Your Door And Window Needs

Project Name: QVM-Hub

Project Location: CNR of Queen and theory St, Mel

Project Briefing and Building Overview

Queen Victoria Market Hub on 109-133 Thierry Street, Melbourne.

The Munro site adjacent to the Queen Victoria Market precinct is set to become a mixed-use community, retail and residential destination. The project includes the development of the largest community hub in Melbourne, home to facilities such as childcare, family services, and an underground carpark along with a boutique hotel, retail space, and a limited number of residences.

Products we supplied: Aluminium glass unitized wall, an Aluminum window, and door system, 4000 SQM.

Services we supplied: Design and production, shipment

QVM-Hub - Aluminum Can Be The Answer To Your Door And Window Needs 1

Design & Engineering Capability

First of all, we understand that technical input in design development is very important for project buildings. Our WJW team has abundant experience and specializes in providing comprehensive design-assist and design-build services and budgets from the beginning. Our Engineering team will make a professional calculation base on the Local Wind Load and exact building construction conditions, and materials requirements to make flexible design solutions to meet our client’s expectations.

QVM-Hub - Aluminum Can Be The Answer To Your Door And Window Needs 2

For all building facade projects, curtain wall systems, unitized curtain walls, aluminum  windows & doors system basic information are:

Elevation drawing,

Plan drawing,

Section drawing,

Local wind load. 


 QVM-Hub - Aluminum Can Be The Answer To Your Door And Window Needs 3

Qualified materials and good manufacturing are very important for a good project, our processes have been certified by ISO 9001 standards. Our facilities include adjacent design and production areas, contributing to the dynamics of innovation and collaboration by partnerships with material vendors and product suppliers.

Independent third parties carry out all quality control tests as per the client’s requirements, manufacturing process goes through rigorous quality control exercises both by human and computerized testing.

QVM-Hub - Aluminum Can Be The Answer To Your Door And Window Needs 4

WJW provides Team Installation services and Installation guidance services to help the design intent is translated to building reality on time and customer’s cost within budget. Project teams are including experienced project managers, project engineers, site managers and foreman/site operations leader, Team installation services can help our clients ensure timely and successful project execution. Health and safety are the most important for all our projects, and specific method statements and risk assessments are provided for practice.

There are many benefits to using aluminum doors and windows over traditional wooden doors and windows. Aluminum is a very strong material and is resistant to weathering and decay. It also has a low thermal conductivity, meaning it doesn’t let heat out as quickly as other materials. In fact, aluminum windows can be up to 30% more energy efficient than traditional windows! Aluminum doors also have a number of other benefits, such as being lightweight and having a beautiful finish.
So if you’re looking for a material that has a lot of great benefits, look into using aluminum doors and windows!

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